Friday, 5 March 2010


Our group although not always in together every week have been communicating mostly through face book email. I think it has worked quite well, although we could have used the blog a bit more.
When having problems with rendering and bits and pieces and we think another of our team members could help, we just gave each other a call or discussed it on the days wer were in together.

Here are a few of my emails.:

Tara KImberley Dulake February 9 at 9:36pm
Just to let you know this is what i have sent to mike to send out to sound design.
Love you.xx

Hey Mike/Jared,

Any chance you can forward this message on to the sound design lot for us. Thank you. From Tara

Hello to all you sound designers that live down the hall from us Animation students.

As a project this term we have had a environment project, Where we have had to design an environment and animate its surroundings.

Our group has designed a Fairy tale Princess's room from (Princess and the Pea) and we were wondering if anyone was interested in helping us to put a soundscape together for it.

It should run for no more then two mins, have sounds of winds, bird noises ect ect (Like a fairy tale) with a score that hopefully you could create.

Anyone interested and up for the task, please give me an email to either or

If you want to have a look at whats going on so far you can look at our blog - (Please bare in mind its not finished yet, lol)

Or even if you could give us some suggestions or files you may already contain to help us out, would be greatful.

Thank you

From Tara Dulake

(Animation Level Two)
- OK so apparently the colours I just made are not being used, even though I was asked for a final design so that we could get on with it. Oh well! On with t...
Alexander Daniel Bax February 9 at 11:58pm Reply
nice one Tara :)
well said :D

Tara KImberley Dulake 16 February at 19:44
Hey as you know two people from sound design have got back to me today, we will at least be meeting with one next tuesday, so we need at least a rough render for him to take away. we only technically have two weeks left, so can we all come in on monday to get everything together and know the final touches for next week, thanxs guys.
from tara

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